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Tintura competitiva del Poliéster texturado en presencia de igualadores de alta temperatura. Modificación de la estructura fina.

Joaquín Gacén Guillén, J. M. (José María) Canal Arias, José Valldeperas Morell


Polyester yarns texturized at different temperatures have been dyed in competitive conditions in presence of different amounts of some commercial products recommended to lessen the differences of the dye absorption caused by some differences in the fine structure of the material to be dyed.
The determination of parameters characterizing the fine structure (Critical dissollution time, apparent activation energy of the dissolution process, density) has been carried out; we have equally determined the dyeing parameters (dye absorption, differences of colour in a competitive dyeing) of the indyed specimens and those of the specimens dyed in a competitive dyeing with or without the mentioned commercial products.
Results show that; 1) the presence of these products in the dyeing bath mitigates the differences in colour in a competitive dyeing; 2) the differences in colour decrease when the concentration in the bath of these products increase; 3) the dyeing behaviour decreases together with the differences in colour; 4) the material dyed in presence of these products presents quite clearly a fine structure more opened or disawanged than the one dyed without those products.

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