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Optimización del ensayo del tiempo crítico de disolución en función de la historia térmica de los sustratos comerciales de Poliéster.

Joaquín Gacén Guillén, J. M. (José María) Canal Arias


The CDT value of a number of polyester sustrates, thermically untreated, as well as that of sustrates heat-treated in similar conditions as those used in heatsetting have been determined at different test temperatures. The mixture 10/90, phenol/tetraclorethane differentiates the fine structure of the thermically untreated sustrates better tihan 100 % phenol. The 50/50 mixture is more suitable than 100 % phenol to detect differences of heatset sustrates. It has also been observed that yarns from multifilaments of the same type, but from different sources, lead to straight lines log. CDT/[(1/T)*(K-^_1)] with similar slope although vertically displaced.

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