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Relación entre el potencial zeta y la deposición en el lavado de impurezas sólidas sobre tejidos de algodón, poliéster y poliéster-algodón tratados con diferentes aprestos.

Francisco Javier Carrión Fité, José Ribé Pons


Deposition of solid impurities of textile substrates, in washing, is due to different causes which can be of mechanical, chemicai, electrical or adsorption origin.
The electrical phenomenon is studied by the electrokinetic potential or zeta potential. This potential depends on the fibre surface and the polar medium in which in steeped. For this reason, we used cotton, polyester, and polyester-cotton materials, treated with different textile finishing. Deposition trials of carbon black in presence of sodium laurylsulfate at different coneentrations, and of this surfactant with neutral electrolyte were carried out. Zeta potentials of the materials used were related to the results obtained in deposition.

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