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Contaminación aguda por vertidos textiles: Tratamiento de carpines dorados (Carassius auratus) con dicromato potásico; determinación de la toxicidad y niveles de cromo en branquias.

María del Carmen Riva Juan, Rosa Flos Bassols, Martí Crespi Rosell, J. Balash


Chromium is quantitatively the most import metal in the rejects of the Textile Industry; it comes essentially from dyeing processes with chromatable dyes.
Carps of the species Carassius auratus have' been submitted to the acute treatment with potassium dichromate dissolved in the water of experimental tanks.
Toxicity and chromium levels in branchia are determined.
The chromium concentration in the branchial tisswes is obtained by means of atomic absortion spectrophotometry, previous digestion with NO3H and C1H (1:3).
Curves % Mortality-Time of treatment for doses of hexavalent chromium are established.

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