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Blanqueo de lanas de diferente procedencia geográfica con peróxido de hidrógeno.

Joaquín Gacén Guillén, José Cegarra Sánchez, Montserrat Caro


Four wools of different geografic origin (Argentina, Australia, Cape-Town and Spain) having the same fineness and length have been washed under industrial conditions and later bleached with hydrogen peroxide solutions at
different concentration. Optical, chemical, mechanical parameters and the felting power of the washed wools as well as those of the washed and bleached wools have been determined. An excellent linear correlation of negative sign between the ura-bisulfite solubility of the washed wools and their whiteness has been observed. The improvement of the whiteness obtained through the bleaching operation depends on the wool class and the hydrogen peroxide concentration. On representing the cysteic acid contents in function of the alkaline solubility of bleached wools it has been appreciated that the values corresponding to each wool are grouped in straight lines, very well defined and very different the ones from the others.

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