Revistes Catalanes amb Accés Obert (RACO)

Influencia de un derivado del ácido Etilendiamintetracético en el blanqueo de la lana con Peróxido de Hidrógeno.

José Cegarra Sánchez, Joaquín Gacén Guillén, Josefina Maillo Garrido


Bleaching of wool with different contents of iron has been carried out (some wools were prepared in the laboratory and others were of the type used by Industry) in the presence of a sequestering agent with a chemical basis (EDTA) or after a treatment with this product. Optical, chemical and mechanicai parameters have been determined from the bleached wools and from these it can be said that bleaching in presence of the above sequestering agent leads to whiter and less chemically altered wools. On the other hand, the presence of Complexión Femco seeems to inhibit the catalitic action of the ferric chemical alteration is lower to that of bleached wool at the some conditions but with no sequestering agent.

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