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Contribución al estudio de la sorción de iodo como método de caracterización de la estructura de las fibras de poliéster.

Joaquín Gacén Guillén, Josefina Maillo Garrido, J. Bordas


This study deals with the iodine sorption by the polyester fibre according to the test temperature. The quantity of fixed iodine increase until in reaches a maximum, the coordinates of which depend on the story of the sample. The increasing part of the sorption curve may supply information on the differences in the order distribution in the non-crystalline area of the fibres which are being compared. In another connection, it was observed that, for
substrates differing by their heat story, the maximal sorption is more especially weak as the maximum temperature is higher.
The iodine sorption curve allows to distinguish clearly between textured polyester and the same polyester textured and set, and also between polyesters with different dye affnity. Finally, the tests made on flocks of same type and
filament yarns with the same characteristics coming from various producers have shown off the existence of important differences of structure between the flocks and between the filaments.

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