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Cinética de tintura de colorantes reactivos en lana Hercosett.

José Cegarra Sánchez, Ascensión Riva Juan, José Ribé Pons


The sorption kinetics of Hercosett 57 and untreated wool on α-bromeacrylamide reactive dyes is studied by deducting the rate constants of sorption and the activation energies. By doing so, the difference in behaviour between these two wools is found quantitatively. For rate constants of the same order, temperatures in untreated wool should be 25-400°C higher than in Hercosett 57 wool. The activation energy in Hercosett wool is approximately 2,5 times lower than in Normal wool.
The isoreactivity equation has been applied to bothwools, being the temperature range much wider in Hercosett 57. wool.

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