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Titracción potenciométrica de los colorantes catiónicos y posibilidades de aplicación para el control de calidad.

Publio Puente Garrido, José Valldeperas Morell


The technique of the automatic potentiometric evaluation of cationic dyes for acrylic fibres in non-aqueous medium (acetic anydride) and using perchloric acid 0,1 N in glacial acetic acid has been developed. The molecular weights of several purified cationic dyes of known formula have been determined; the concordante with the theoretical values being quite acceptable. Besides, from the potentials reached on adding the half of the reactant corresponding to the first inflexion, a classification of the tested dyes has been carried out which gives an idea of their reactivity facing the ecaluating reactant in non-aqueous medium. This reactivity is basically due to the anion of the dye. .

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