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Influencia recíproca entre el pH de las soluciones reguladoras y el pH del extracto acuoso de la lana.

José Cegarra Sánchez, José Ribé Pons


The reciprocal influence between the pH value of the water extract in the same wool, in contact with different buffer solutions, is studied in this work. The lower buffer action of the Stabilizer C in relation with the other buffer salts ctudied, is quite cbeas. In this way, it can be also appnciated that the pH of the buffer solutions between pH 4 and 5 is not affected by the pH of the initial extract of the fibre when the range is 3.6; the influence of the latter, being remarkable when- it is in contact with the buffer solutions at pH 2.5, 8.5 and 10. The pH value of the water extract of the wool in contact with the buffer solutions studied, it is stabilized
after fifteen minutes' treatment. It is pointed out the importance and the influence that the water extract of the fibre of wool can have on those processes where the value of the pH of the solution is to be kept limits quite close, such as it happens in the wool bleaching.

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