Revistes Catalanes amb Accés Obert (RACO)

2018: Vol.: 14 Núm.: 1

Vol.: 14 Núm.: 1

VII Congrés Català de Comptabilitat i Direcció


Special Issue: VII Congrés Català de Comptabilitat i Direcció
Joaquim Rabaseda Tarrés
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Relationship between competitiveness and operational and financial performance of firms: An exploratory study on the European brewing industry
Claudio Zanotti, Fabiola Reyes, Brian Fernandez
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Sustainability values for business: A perspective of value alignment in a supplier–client relationship for case aqualogy
Carlos H. Hurtado Jaramillo, Núria Arimany-Serrat, Dulcinea Meijide Vidal, Xavier Ferràs-Hernández
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Expansion of the current methodology for the study of the short-term liquidity problems in a sector
Elena Rondós Casas, Salvador Linares Mustarós, Maria Àngels Farreras Noguer
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Social economy companies in the times of crises: Entrepreneurship and survival
Núria Masferrer Llabinés, Patrícia Crespo, Maria Buil Fabregà
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European macroeconomic imbalances at a sectorial level: Evidence from German and Spanish food industry
Juan Pedro Aznar, Josep M. Sayeras, Ricard Lascorz, Borja Raventós
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Human Resource Management Outsourcing in Spanish firms: Evolution over time and implication for devolution
Debora Gottardello, Mireia Valverde
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Identification of the key factors for success in the hotel sector
Antonio Álvarez-Ferrer, Fernando Campa-Planas, Juan Pablo Gonzales-Bustos
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Social Responsibility as a Management System
Núria Arimany-Serrat, Anna Sabata Aliberch
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The predictability of financial, accounting-based, and industrial factors on the success of newly incorporated Spanish firms
Yehui Tong, Ramon Saladrigues
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The activity-based costing model trajectory: A path of lights and shadows
Maria Àngels Fitó Bertran, Joan Llobet, Natalia Cugueró
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Usefulness of Z scoring models in the early detection of financial problems in bankrupt Spanish companies
Maria Àngels Fitó Bertran, Dolors Pla Erta, Joan Llobet
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Influential variables on the profitability of hospital companies
Judit Creixans Tenas, Núria Arimany-Serrat
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Advantages and contributions in the balanced scorecard implementation
Patrícia Rodrigues Quesado, Beatriz Aibar Guzmán, Lúcia Lima Rodrigues
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