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La Localización de empresas y las características del movimiento industrial de Teruel (España) durante el período 1992-1998

Juan Carlos Ramón-Solans Prat, Rosario Ferriz Marcén


The aim of this text is to demonstrate the nature of the process of industrial change taking place in the Teruel economy during the period 1992-1998. The text forms part of a research project centred on pinpointing the most dynamic sector in Teruel and then analysing them in terms of which factors and variables have most influenced the choice of the location of business in certain areas of Teruel. The most dynamic sectors for the period 1992-1998 were selected from the official Register of Industrial Establishments. A total of 640 companies were created during the period 1992-1998. A sample of 84 new and expanding companies from the fastest growing sectors was then selected. These companies were sent a questionnaire between April and June 2000. The results obtained are analysed and compared to other studies carried out at a national level.
Using this data a TOWS or FODA analysis was made of competitive advantages and disadvantages in Teruel in terms of industrial movement, sectorial-productivity structure and location variables.

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