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Influencia de la cultura organizativa en el concepto de capital intelectual

María Amalia Trillo Holgado, Sandra Mª Sanchez Cañizares


This paper tries to analyse the connection between organisational culture and intellectual capital. Nowadays, the possibility of incorporating cultural capital as a factor that distinguishes the strategic–social concept of intellectual capital in the actual knowledge society is being studied.
In order to this, the elements that form organisational culture in each one of the five capitals of the “Intellectus Model” have been selected. They constitute an independent capital called cultural capital.
A suggestion for the future is the possibility of creating a new model. Its peculiarity is the cultural capital incorporation as a distinguishing component. This would allow relating the intangible assets elements and variables depending on the organisational culture context. It is necessary to consider than this proposal must take into account the culture as a key element, in which is based the internal logic of the model. It also provides it with the necessary dynamic structure in a competitive and changing society as ours is.

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