Revistes Catalanes amb Accés Obert (RACO)

Dirigiendo un mundo que ya no existe. ¿Está usted preparado para enfrentarse a los retos de la Sociedad de la Información?

Yordan Sedeño Prado


While much is new and exciting, many of the changes that seem so profound are actually superficial. The principles of economics and wealth creation endure. However, the new business climate has undermined traditional management practices and it has made the economic management techniques of information technology more relevant than ever before. The bad or lack use of the information nowadays to know all happened, is happening and will happen in a future can drive you to bankrupts. That is why, in the Information Society, how it’s called, all you Information Technology have to work in function to manage all the information that is important for you organization to know all about your environment. The use of the Information technology is very important to keep alive in this competitive business world. For a lot of managers all this is no more than a new “Buzzword”; but this business era has taught us that all them is wrong.

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