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Environmental disclosure and economic efficiency: A correlational evaluation of Spanish ports authorities

Emma Castelló Taliani, Silvia Giralt Escobar, Fabricia Silva Da Rosa


Purpose: Representative correlational study of Spanish Ports Authorities (PA), based on analysis of PA economic efficiency, measured using DEA Data Envelopment Analysis, and PA environmental disclosure. Data employed: environmental reports of 20 PAs examined to gain understanding of Environmental Disclosures; economic management reports of individual
ports to obtain the economic variables analyzed. The purpose to identify correlations among
variables of environmental disclosure and economic efficiency of port management, with
consideration of port overheads and profit focused structure.
Design/methodology: A three-stage study, comprised of: 1st Classification of PAs efficiency;
2nd Analysis of environmental information disclosed, for which an Environmental Disclosure
Assessment was defined; 3rd Cluster Analysis to determine correlations of the economic
efficiency findings of stage 1 cross-referenced with environmental disclosures of stage 2.
Findings: The results obtained from the study are: classification of all Spanish PAs, although
only 20 PAs are analyzed in stages 2nd and 3rd; snapshot of 2012 information contained in the
Environmental Disclosure Assessment defined, and DEA with results of correlations between
the PAs´ environmental disclosures and economic efficiency ratings. Among relevant findings,
the study shows that Efficient and Marginally Efficient PAs provide best environmental disclosures, as defined by type/frequency of reporting and environmental impact management
information disclosed. Note: Efficient PAs provide more detailed information on water and
energy management.
Research limitations/implications: 8 PAs not supplying environmental reports were
excluded from stages 2-3, due to which final results do not include 100% of PAs of the Spanish
port system.
Originality/value: The analysis allows to identify correlations among variables of
environmental disclosure and economic efficiency of port management in Spanish Ports

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