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Knowledge construction about port performance evaluation: An international literature analysis

Karine Somensi, Sandra Ensslin, Ademar Dutra, Leonardo Ensslin, Vicente Ripoll Feliu, Vinicius Dezem


Purpose: This study aims to identify and analyze the characteristics of international scientific
research that addresses the segment of literature referring to port performance evaluation, in
order to identify the existence of a theoretical alignment between the concept of performance
evaluation, as an area of knowledge, and the practical application of port performance
Design/methodology: For the approach to the problem, this paper makes use of qualitative
research, analyzing bibliographical portfolio characteristics related to port performance
evaluation. An action research strategy was adopted, according to which the authors selected
the bibliographical portfolio based on analysis and interpretation.
Findings: From the segment of literature analyzed, it was possible to identify a certain degree
of misalignment among what has been pointed out in the literature regarding the management
practices in the port sector. Specifically, this discrepancy refers to management practices that are ignored by port managers, which lead to lost opportunities and may even come to jeopardize
the organization's performance.
Research limitations/implications: The literature search was restricted to articles written in
English, published in indexed scientific journals in the selected databases, according to the
following criteria: (i) articles published after the year 2000; (ii) the generation of knowledge
based on characteristics selected by the researchers and (iii) the analysis of BP articles based on
the judgment and interpretation of the research authors. For future work, it is suggested to
expand this research to other databases, in other languages and according to other features, and
to continue this investigation by carrying outthe “systemic analysis” and “identifying research
opportunities” stages using ProKnow-C.
Originality/value: Although two similar works have been carried out in the same area of
research in 2015, the results achieved have contributed to the advancement of research in port
performance evaluation, as they have extended the time horizon, the databases used for
research and the variables.

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