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Influence of in-store and out-of-store creative advertising strategies on consumer attitude and purchase intention

Ardalan Sameti, Hamidreza Khalili


Purpose: With regard to the fact that people usually try to avoid repetitive and boring
advertisements, creativity as the heart of advertising effectiveness has a significant role in
drawing their attention. On this basis, the present study attempts to evaluate the influence of
creative advertising strategies by comparing “in-store” and “out-of-store” creative
Design/methodology: This research has been conducted in Tehran (capital of Iran) and 588
volunteers randomly participated in the survey so as to examine the consumers’
attitude/behaviour towards the advertised brand, advertised product, and purchases intention
exposing creative in-store and out-of-store advertisements. In the current study, creative “endof-
aisle display stands” in grocery stores/supermarkets represent in-store advertising media,
and creative “TV commercials” represent out-of-store advertising. Furthermore to examine the
hypotheses, one-sample t-test and paired sample t-test were used.
Findings: The results show that creative out-of-store advertising has influence primarily on
attitude towards the advertised brand, then on attitude towards the advertised product, and finally on the purchases intention. On the other hand, creative in-store advertising, firstly has
influence on the purchase intention, then on attitude towards the advertised brand, and lastly on
attitude towards the advertised product. The findings provide important insights to the
formulation of strategic marketing/advertising and would pave the related innovative ways to
capitalize on strategic opportunities.
Originality/value: The study is the first survey comparing the effectiveness of in-store and
out-of-store creative advertising in order to find out a strategic marketing/advertising solution.

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