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Percepción del aprendizaje, procedimientos de evaluación y uso de la tecnología PowerPoint en la formación universitaria de Medicina

Ramon Cladellas Pros, Antoni Castelló Tarrida


Purpose: Test whether how professors represent the learning process (understanding-oriented
or recall-oriented) is connected to the evaluation procedures and to the use of teaching
Design/methodology: 63 students produced 315 records referred to the compulsory courses
belonging to the second year of the Medicine grade. The hypothesis states that those courses
that use a multiple choice evaluation procedure and verbose slides will be more recall-oriented
than those using other evaluation procedures.
Findings: Results show that courses that are more oriented to recall make a larger use of
PowerPoint technology, predominating verbal slides, and students have a poorer academic
achievement and a lower self-perception of learning.
Limitations: Further studies should encompass a wider sample of courses, years and grades.
Originality/value: Hitherto no study has considered simultaneously the incidence of learning
self-perception, evaluation procedures and the use of PowerPoint technology.

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