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Sostenibilidad económica y situación financiera de las estaciones de esquí alpino del Pirineo catalán

Laura Sánchez Pulido, Natalia Daries Ramón, Eduard Cristobal-Fransi


Purpose: The present work seeks analyze the profitability and the financial situation of the
main Catalan alpine ski resorts, with the objective to check if these are sustainable from an
economic point of view, taking into account the external factors that affect him.
Design/methodology: With the objective to carry out the study of profitability and financial
situation, we obtained the financial states of the main Alpine ski resorts of the Catalan
Pyrenees: Baqueira-Beret, Masella, Boí Taüll, Vallter 2000, La Molina, Vall de Núria and Espot
Ski-Port Ainé, for the periods comprised between 2011-2015 and we proceeded to apply a series
of economical and structural ratios with the purpose of establish a diagnostic on his situation. Findings: The results show that the Baqueira-Beret and Masella resorts are the only that obtain
profits, whereas the rest of resorts obtain losses in all the periods analyzed. With regard to the
financial situation, the results reveal that the level of indebtedness of the resorts is, in general
reduced, arriving to the conclusion that the majority of them are not sustainable from a strictly
economic point of view.
Research limitations/implications: The main limitations of this work are on the one hand
that the conclusions are obtained from a period of analysis of five years (2011-2015), and the
second, they are circumscribed to a determinate region.
Practical implications: The results of this work can help to take decisions so much to the ski
resorts managers as to the public administrators for implementing strategies to achieve diversify
the offer and improve the results.
Social implications: Nowadays the majority of the ski resorts have been rescued or purchased
by the Administration. We can deduce that it keeps by the incomes that generate his existence.
That is to say, by the positive externalities that generates in the territory where they are situate.
Originality/value: The present research focuses in the financial study of a little studied sector
as they are the ski resorts and the snow tourism with the enormous importance that has in the
economy of the region and in the territorial development. The agents interested are so much
the public administrations like the managers of this type of firms.

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