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Intención emprendedora en estudiantes universitarios: un estudio bibliométrico

Alejandro Valencia Arias, Iván Alonso Montoya Restrepo, Alexandra Montoya


Purpose: The aim of the article is to present the results of the bibliometric study in the field of
entrepreneurial intention of undergraduate students, allowing a diagnosis of the state of art of
this topic.
Design/methodology: The applied methodology consisted in analyzing 396 obtained papers
form database and search equation, all from the Scopus data base. From this, bibliometric
indicator (quantity, quality and structure) was proposed and incorporated the study of the
topological structure of the network of authors between 1996 and 2015.
Findings: The results shows that the Theory of Planned Behavior is the most widely used
model for the study of entrepreneurial intentions among undergraduate students and the factors
evaluated are: efficacy, entrepreneurial attitude, motivation and subjective specifications.
Originality/value: The bibliographic tracking show that entrepreneurship is a topic with a
grown exponentially, without showing saturation in them and that the entry of new authors in
the two fields is mainly through existing networks.

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