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¿La transparencia de las páginas web ayudan en la captación de clientes? Análisis de los campos de golf en Andalucía

Marta García-Tascón, Marcos Pradas -García


Purpose: The aim of this study is to analyze the degree of transparency of the Web pages of
organizations that belong to the world of sports, specifically golf courses in Andalusia.
Design/methodology: We performed a descriptive analysis of the conditions of transparency
of 92 Web pages of golf clubs registered on the official website of the Royal Golf Federation of
Andalusia (RFGA). A questionnaire created/adapted ad hoc is used for this study having as a
reference the questionnaire used by Barrio and Martin (2012) that analyze the performance of
the 4 conditions of transparency of Web pages.
Findings: To reflect a high degree of transparency, they show an equal to or higher compliance
than 75% in 7 of the 11 variables. The Web page becomes an element to quantify the
performance of the field without investing too much in other promotional channels to attract as
many customers as possible.
Research limitations/implications: In some Web pages, the access to information entailed a
significant investment of time because they did not have the characteristic of being intuitive and
easy content visibility. In some cases was not available all required information.
Practical implications: Knowledge of this information allows the director or manager
identifies possible areas of improvement to optimize their management, while transparency
offered by the golf courses is improved.
Social implications: This study highlights the need for teaching the user to evaluate the
quality, transparency and being critical with the information found on Web pages.
Originality/value: The analysis of transparency allows clubs to be reflective of its golf courses.
It becomes the tool that the manager can use to display part of all its virtues and to evaluate the
social behavior of their customers, to attract possible clients and perform actions with the
stakeholders in the golf industry.

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