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Empresas electrónicas de alto potencial de crecimiento: posicionamiento financiero ante retos de futuro

Núria Arimany Serrat, Queralt Aymerich Tarrés, Xavier Ferràs-Hernández


Purpose: The present research positions in financial terms the Spanish electronic
companies in the European frame in 2011-2013 period. The technological progress is
nowadays changing the management functioning and the performance of the electronic
companies is decisive. So, knowing their position in the Spanish market and analysing
their economic and financial situation in the last years is going to help us to build a
strong vision of how they will confront the future challenges.
Design/methodology: The data used in this investigation collects the economic and
financial information of a sample composed by high-growth Spanish electronic
companies, because the selection criteria is delimited in a minimum 2013 ROA growth
of 3% and a minimum 2011-2013 operating revenues growth of 6%. An economic and
financial analysis and a descriptive statistics analysis which includes regression models
are the used tools to define conclusions and results. Findings: The study allows us to determine the economic and financial health of the
companies that own the 97% of the total sales in Spain. The research also defines the
financial, gender and innovation variables that hardly influence the profitability of this
industry and finally, establishes its harmony with the European perspective.
Research limitations/implications: It should be convenient to widen the sample to
another technological companies and to increase the period of time to the 2014 tax
year, even though the information in not available in the used database SABI.
Practical implications: The study allows us to evaluate the economic and financial
performance of the electronic companies in the latest years in Spain and after that, to
analyse if they are going to go for the future imminent challenges.
Social implications: The results allow us to evaluate the financial and economic
modifications that these companies need to practise to overcome the technological
development inherent changes and their implications in the management world.
Originality/value: It is going to be useful to the Spanish electronic companies to
define their financial and economic model, which they should follow to not lose their
competitive advantage because the technological disruption won’t stop in a near time
frame of more transparent organizations.

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