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Importancia de la utilización de las TIC como garantes de la agilidad, eficiencia y comunicación entre empresa, universidad y estudiante: experiencia de la Facultad de Ciencias Económicas y Empresariales de la Universidad Pompeu Fabra

Teresa M. Monllau Jaques, Nuria Rodríguez Ávila


Purpose: Internships in Enterprise (IE) is considered as an element that guarantees
the connection between the University and the socio-economic world (business) where
both actors carry out their activities. The aim of this paper is threefold. On the one
hand, we investigate in the role with the PE in the process of professionalization of the
future graduate. On the other hand, emphasize the role played by ICT as an engine to
ensure and facilitate the creation of a network of communication between: Enterprise,
University and the student. Finally, we reflect and analyze those aspects that should be
improved and the extent that the application of information and communication
technologies can help in this task. Design/methodology: The methodology used is the implementation of the case
method. This methodology is the one that best ensures the attainment of the goals we
have proposed.
Findings: Shows that 67% of companies in which our students have made PE
contemplating hiring. 49% of companies in which our students have made PE have
encouraged participation in training courses. More than 76% of the students who have
made PE scored with a remarkably high the work carried out by the guardian in the
company. In this group the guardian has a note between the 8 and 10. The index of
satisfaction showing students is high. nine of every ten students in practices considered
carried out practices to bring value to their CV, which will make that you assess what is
best in future selection processes.
Research limitations/implications: Must be at the same method of case study.
Practical implications: Improve the employability of students University.
Social implications: Promoting practices has advantages for University, students and
businesses. The university has benefits because among other things increases the
satisfaction that the student is college and increase the visibility of the university both
nationally and internationally tissue.
Originality/value: We found a lot of articles about the usefulness of IE but the goal
has sometimes been little analysis of the application of ICT.

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