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Nuevas masculinidades y educación liberadora

Oriol Rios González


Purpose: The research on masculinity in education has mainly been focused on analyze
the organization of schools and the attention given to the students. This analysis has
confirmed the existence of gender inequalities in schools, within them gender violence.
This article will start from this background but has as objective to provide new
knowledge about the pedagogy of freedom in the promotion of new alternative
Design/methodology: From a communicative-oriented qualitative methodology the
voices of young boys and adult men that have been involved in educational actions,
based on a pedagogy of freedom which have contributed to foster new alternative
masculinities, have been collected.
Findings: The results explain why the pedagogy of freedom can contribute to foster
new alternative masculinities. Special attention is paid in the evolution of oppressed
traditional masculinities (OTM) to new alternative masculinities (NAM). In this regard, it
is highlighted how OTM, that not contributes to gender violence but overcome neither,
are walking to become NAM thanks to the organizational approach of the pedagogy of
Practical implications: To provide scientific knowledge which could be used as a basis
of the educational practices addressed to prevent gender violence.
Social implications: The social impact refers to the effect of scientific knowledge in
the educational quality and in the socialization of alternative masculinities which
overcome harassment and gender violence.
Originality/value: The article provides of new knowledge on the coeducational field
which allows overcoming the double standards and the attraction against the violence
reproduced in the traditional masculinity models.

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