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Aprendizaje dialógico y educación física: hacia una educación física y un deporte escolar promotores de salud, éxito escolar y cohesión social

Marcos Castro Sandúa


Purpose: The notion of dialogic learning is on the basis of educational practices
(Successful Educational Actions) and projects (Schools as Learning Communities) that
are currently improving coexistence and promoting school success in more and more
schools around the world. Physical Education has to find its place within this context and
to define how to contribute to these aims from its specificity, as it is a subject in which
the body and the movement have leading roles for learning and it is increasingly
emphasizing the promotion of healthy habits. Due to all that, this article pretends to
offer orientations to professionals and schools for building a more dialogic Physical
Design/methodology: A review of scientific literature on Physical Education and
dialogic learning has been done starting from the results of the Juega Dialoga y
Resuelve [Play, Dialogue and Solve] project (Spanish RTD National Plan) and from the
results obtained in the search for the topics “dialogic learning” and ”successful
educational actions” in the ISI Web of Science.
Findings: The results of the literature review show that the principles of dialogic
learning and their practical development can be transferred to Physical Education and
school sport in order to contribute to school success and to improve students’ and their
communities’ health.
Practical implications: Orientations for professionals and schools to organize the
practice of Physical Education and school sport in accordance with the principles of
dialogic learning derive from the analysis.
Social implications: The orientations promote school success for students and social
cohesion and health for them and their communities.
Originality/value: The article presents innovative elements for the organization of
Physical Education and school sport that can be useful for teachers and other

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