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¿Qué sabemos sobre el uso de rúbricas en la evaluación de asignaturas universitarias?

Juan A. Marin-Garcia


English: Purpose: In this paper we compare the search strategies and the results of three
recent literature reviews on the rubrics use in education. With all this we aim to identify
what is known, what it is not known yet and if there is material to launch a new
literature review right now.
Design/methodology: Comparative analysis of three recen literature reviews and
systematic literature review.
Findings: Of the 142 papers included in the three recent reviews, few focus on
university learning and the results are not broken down by educational level. We believe
that there is no conclusive scientific answer to how to create and validate an
assessment rubric for university courses, or what purpose they serve , or if it's worth
the effort to develop them. Recommendations for the appropriate use of rubrics are
based on anecdotal evidence without robust and proven methodology. Nor is easy to
find what subjects, or what objects, and in what contexts have been investigated the
rubrics or which validated rubrics are available.
Originality/value: We conducted a new review and we compare the selected papers
with those used in previous reviews. We have located 142 new papers not included in
previous reviews. Probably all this new material can be used in the future for a metaanalysis.

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