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Identificación de los intangibles generados por las inversiones en prevención de riesgos laborales y su percepción en las pyme. Implicaciones en el sector servicios y en la servitización

Máximo Cortés, Enrique Gragera, Ángel Rodríguez


Purpose: Based on the concept of Intellectual Capital and the analysis of component elements, the study aims to identify potential intangibles arising from investments in prevention of occupational risks, analyzing if adequate preventive management helps to increase the value of the company, and establishing a comparative analysis of the industrial and service companies in order to observe specifications for each case. Besides the impact and implications arising thereon due to increased outsourcing and servitization processes in business are determined.

Design/methodology: Analysis of the concept and components of Intellectual Capital, intangible generated on preventive action and indicators. Study of the relevant factors servitización and outsourcing, and implications with prevention. Empirical study: Initial study and further study. A comparative analysis considers their impact on the industrial sector relative to the service sector. Analysis of results and conclusions.

Findings: This article determines if adequate preventive management helps to improve the image and increase the value of the company. The possible application of the components of Intellectual Capital with respect to intangibles generated in the prevention of occupational hazards is established, outlining the indicators to measure the generation of intangibles in preventive activities.

Using both the initial and then further studies, the opinions and evaluation of entrepreneurs in Madrid can be assessed. A comparative analysis considers their impact on the industrial sector relative to the service sector, their particular characteristics, and the observed trend in the awareness of the benefits of prevention, in addition to establishing implications for the progressive increase servitization and outsourcing activities.

Originality / Value: The paper provides information and interpretations which confirmed the importance of risk prevention as an intangible asset and a profitable investment, which should be considered and quantified correctly. From this innovative approach new research lines may raise in order to derive implications affecting new trends in industrial organizations and service organizations

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