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La creación de conocimiento en las organizaciones a partir del aprendizaje

Alfonso Jesús Gil López, Francisco Javier Carrillo Gamboa


Purpose: There is an extensive literature which associates organizational learning with creation of knowledge, but models that relate organizational learning constructs and learning organization with the creation of knowledge are not found. The aim of this paper is to present a model of creation and knowledge transfer are based learning in organizations.

Design / methodology / approach: This paper provides a critical review on approaches that address knowledge creation: Nonaka’ theory that explain the creation of knowledge based on the SECI model and the set of proposals that indicate the origin of knowledge and learning

Findings and Originality/ value: This paper presents a model of creation and transfer knowledge in organizations through constructivist learning principles.

Originality / value: This work explores Nonaka’ theories and literature on learning in organizations to integrate both approaches in the study of knowledge creation

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