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Certificación en calidad, resultados empresariales y estructura organizativa en el sector hotelero español

Eva María Pertusa Ortega, Juan José Tarí Guilló, Jorge Pereira Moliner, José Francisco Molina Azorín, Mª Dolores López Gamero


Purpose: Quality certification helps companies to improve efficiency and performance. The aim of this study is to analyze the differences between certified and non-certified hotels regarding the implementation of quality management practices, the performance and the competitive advantage, and the changes in organizational structure.

Design/methodology/approach: The paper classifies the hotels in two groups: quality certified and non-certified hotels. It then examines the differences between both groups.

Findings: The findings show that certified hotels develop quality management practices in a higher extent, achieve better performance levels and a differentiation competitive advantage, and have higher levels of formalization and interdepartmental coordination.

Originality/value: The contribution of the paper is to analyze if quality certification adds value for the hotel industry.

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