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Consideración individualizada, clima organizativo innovador y personalidad proactiva como antecedentes de los comportamientos de ciudadanía organizativa orientados al cambio y altruistas

Mercedes López Domínguez, Mihaela Enache


The concept of organizational citizen behaviour (OCB) has grown in popularity in
the literature, and has received a great deal of theoretical and empirical study.
However, various authors have emphasized the need of gaining a greater understanding of the antecedents of each dimension that makes up this construct, as few authors have focused on these aspects (Podsakoff et al., 2000). Hence, this study aims at analyzing the individualized consideration of leadership, the innovative organizational climate and the proactive personality, as possible antecedents of change-oriented and altruist organizational citizenship behaviors, by means of a revision and extension of the main studies that have dealt with such constructs. In this sense, the present study develops various propositions, derived from a conceptual model, whose aim is to advance the understanding related with OCB antecedents, so that future research can test them from an empirical point of view, using qualitative or quantitative methods.

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