Revistes Catalanes amb Accés Obert (RACO)

Aproximación a una taxonomía de modelos de gestión del conocimiento

Alejandro Barragán Ocaña


In the last years the meaningful increment and application of knowledge management (KM) in diverse economic, social, cultural, organizational, technological and scientific areas, has given place to the generation of an important amount of models for the application and understanding of the knowledge on the part of individuals and groups within public and private organizations, the academy, the government, among others. Such models pretend to explain the function and operation of knowledge management from diverse points of view, both theoretical and empirical in the different specific contexts where these are applied. Trying to generate a theoretical approximation towards a taxonomy of models of KM, this work tries to offer some general criteria that would help the gathering and classification of these models for their better study and understanding; as well as a compilation and amplification of the revision of the literature on this study area.

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