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Evaluación y relaciones entre las dimensiones del capital intelectual: El caso de la cadena de la madera de Oberá (Argentina)

Maria Susana Martos, Carlos Mª Fernández-Jardón Fernández, Pedro Figueroa Dorrego


This paper investigates three dimensions of intellectual capital, i.e. human capital, structural capital and relational capital and their inter-relationships. For that, a model is developed, which evaluates the intellectual capital within organizations located in developing countries areas. It is applied to timber value chain firms in Oberá, Misiones (Argentine). The results emphasize attitudes and skills within human capital, leaving secondly knowledge; process and technologies in structural capital, and the relationship with customers within the relational capital. The data shows that human capital is directly related to structural capital and indirectly with relational capital. However, there is not a direct association between relational capital and human capital. Therefore, a policy that enhances structural capital is a way of consolidating the growth of the three capitals.

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