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2009: Núm.: 8 17 years of european altimetric missions and their calibration Detalls   HTML
Mònica Roca
2015: Núm.: 18 3D data processing for underwater inspection and monitoring Resum   Text complet
Tudor Nicosevici, Ricard Prados, Rafael Garcia
2012: Núm.: 13 3D modeling of the marine relief Resum   HTML
Bernat Mànuel-González, Albert Garcia Benadí, Joaquín del Río Fernandez, Francisco Javier Cadena Muñoz, Antonio Manuel Lázaro
2004: Núm.: 2 3D Passive Acoustic Tracking of Cetaceans Detalls   HTML
2016: Núm.: 19 5 year-long monitoring of Barkley Canyon cold-seeps with the internet operated deep-sea crawler Wally Resum   Text complet
Damianos Chatzievangelou, Laurez Thomsen, Autun Purser, Carolina Doya, Jacopo Aguzzi, Jacob Schwendner, Alexander Duda, Mairi M.R. Best, Fabio De Leo, Kim Juniper
2016: Núm.: 19 A 3D mapping, obstacle avoidance and acoustic communication payload for the AUV SPARUS II Resum   Text complet
Miquel Massot Campos, Francisco Bonin Font, Pep Lluís Negre Carrasco, Eric Guerrero, Antoni Martorell, Gabriel Antonio Oliver Codina
2009: Núm.: 8 A 3D real-time algorithm based on array processing for the localization of cetaceans Resum   HTML
Ludwig Houegnigan, Serge Zaugg, Mike van der Schaar, Michel André
2016: Núm.: 19 A big data architecture designed for ocean observation data management Detalls   Text complet
Pasquale Andriani, Massimiliano Nigrelli, Dario Pellegrino, Leandro Lombardo, Lucio Badiali
2015: Núm.: 18 A drone based system for surveillance applications in coastal zone Resum   Text complet
Adrián Cantero, David Gallego, Pedro López, Rafael Molina, Gonzalo Sánchez, Agustín Sueldo, Antonio Guerrero, Antoni Guillamon Grabolosa
2013: Núm.: 14 A folding ADC based on switched capacitor circuits in 350 nm CMOS Detalls   Text complet
Wendell. E.M. Costa, Sabiniano A. Rodrigues, Raimundo C. S. Freire, Sebastian Y. Catunda, Thaís L.V.N. Silva
2013: Núm.: 14 A frequency independent method for adaptive correction of time interleaved analog to digital converters Detalls   Text complet
Antoine Bonnetat, Jean-Miquel Hodé, Dominique Dallet, Guillaume Ferré
2005: Núm.: 4 A GSM BASED Real Time system TO MONITOR Underwater Noise Pollution Detalls   HTML
M. Martínez Ledesma, D. Vidal Rodríguez, Alberto Álvarez Díaz, Joaquín Tintoré Subirana
2005: Núm.: 4 A Low-Cost Autonomous Vehicles For Coastal Sea Monitoring Detalls   HTML
D. Roig Broman, M. Martínez Ledesma, B. Garau Pujol, Alberto Álvarez Díaz, Joaquín Tintoré Subirana
2013: Núm.: 14 A magnetic field probe for hostile environments Detalls   Text complet
M. Canepa, A. Mariscotti
2013: Núm.: 14 A method for estimating state of charge in energy-aware wireless sensor nodes Detalls   Text complet
G. Giorgi, A. Veronese, L. Corradini, L. Scandola
2013: Núm.: 14 A method for restraining electromagnetic interference of electricity meter by means of pulse width testing circuit Detalls   Text complet
Wenfang LIU, ChongMin SONG, Jun Zhao, Feng SHAO
2009: Núm.: 8 A multilayer service data acquisition and operation system for oceanographic ships and instrumentation networks Resum   HTML
E. Arilla, D. Afonso, O. Garcia, A. Hernández, J. Olivé, J.L. Ruiz, X. Romero, A. Sandoval, J.A. Serrano, Jordi Sorribas, Enric Trullols Farreny, Joaquín del Río Fernández
2013: Núm.: 14 A new capacitance-to-digital convertor suitable for human proximity sensing Detalls   Text complet
Abhishek Ranjan, Boby George
2015: Núm.: 18 A new electronic control system for unmanned underwater vehicles Resum   Text complet
J.C. Molina Molina, A. Guerrero González, J. Gilabert
2013: Núm.: 14 A new peak detector based on usage of CCCIIs Detalls   Text complet
Predrag B. Petrovic
2005: Núm.: 4 A new software tool for Wide-Angle reflection/refraction Seismic data : Processing And Representation (WASPAR) Detalls   HTML
I. Rodríguez, Valentí Sallarès, Carine Simón
2013: Núm.: 14 A novel blind adaptive correction algorithm for 2-channel time-interleaved ADCs Detalls   Text complet
Simran Singh, Michael Epp, Mikko Valkama, Georg Vallant, Wolfgang Schlecker
2013: Núm.: 14 A novel capacitance-to-digital converter for capacitive sensors with AC excitation Detalls   Text complet
Prashanth Vooka, Boby George, Abhishek Ranjan
2013: Núm.: 14 A numerical method of correcting the influence of the additional quantities for nonselective sensors Detalls   Text complet
Henryk Urzedniczok
2005: Núm.: 4 A Passive Mitigation Solution to the Effects of Human-Generated Sound on Marine Mammals Detalls   HTML
Michel André, Eric Delory, Mike van der Schaar, Joan Vicent Castell Balaguer
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