Revistes Catalanes amb Accés Obert (RACO)

2014: Núm.: 8

Núm.: 8

I PART. El passat interrogat i desenmascarat

Reflections on the Evolution of Historiography and Society (p. 27-36)
Jacques Le Goff, Daniela Romagnoli
Jacques Le Goff's Round the World Tour (p. 37-60)
Daniela Romagnoli
Towards a Linguistics of History in Medieval and Early Modern Spain: The Ideological Implications of Historians’ Linguistic Views and Practices (p. 61-84)
Raúl Álvarez-Moreno
The Middle Ages in Four Enlightened Frenchmen (p. 85-105)
Luis Rojas Donat

II PART. El passat estudiat i mesurat

The Beatitudes Casket. A New Reconstructive Hypotesis (p. 109-134)
Noemi Álvarez da Silva
About the Concept of Onomastic Identity: The Privileges' Parchments of the City of Balaguer (1211-1352) (p. 135-149)
Moisés Selfa
The Self-Coronations of Iberian Kings: A Crooked Line (p. 151-175)
Jaume Aurell
Dante Alighieri’s Quaestio de Aqua et Terra in the Renaissance (p. 177-191)
Virginia Iommi
Interwined Legal System: Church Authorities Versus Local Feudal Landlords (in Central-Southern Europe) (p. 193-210)
Boban Petrovski
A Possible Periodisation of the Treaties of Peace and Truce between al- Andalus and the Christian Kingdoms (Nasrid Sultanate of Granada with Castile and Aragon) 13th-15th centuries (p. 211-238)
Diego Melo
Water. Object of Desire and Source of Conflict in Castile in the Late Middle Ages (p. 239-262)
Maria Isabel del Val
The Myth of El Dorado. Making and Applying Gold in the Iberian Peninsula (15th-16th Centuries) (p. 263-296)
Ricardo Córdoba
Women, Legal Discourse, Interpretative Maneuvers and Negotiating Safety (p. 297-326)
Mary C. Bodden

III PART. El passat explicat i recreat

The Medieval and Modern Investigation Centre (CIMM). Documentary Contributions (p. 329-356)
Joan Aliaga, Ximo Companys, Lluïsa Tolosa, Isidre Puig, Nuria Ramon, Stefania Rusconi, Borja Franco
Patrimonial Archives and Medieval History: The Necessary Dialogue (p. 357-379)
Daniel Piñol