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Editorial Policies

Focus and Scope

Illes i Imperis is an annual journal edited by Pompeu Fabra Universitat’s Grup de Recerca en Imperis, Metròpolis i Societats Extraeuropees (GRIMSE).

Published since 1998, its focus is colonial and postcolonial societies.

The editorial board is open to all kinds of analyses and approximations to colonial societies and their postcolonial realities, as long as they meet the quality imperatives associated with solid scientific research.

We are especially interested in historical analyses, but we accept and encourage contributions from other fields in the humanities and social sciences. GRIMSE’s interest gravitates towards Latin America, the Philippines and Southeast Asia, as well as Northern Africa and the Hispanic metropolitan world from the fifteenth to the twentieth centuries. However, the journal is open to articles that address other geographic areas and timeframes. In fact, we encourage submissions of papers that analyze other empires (Portuguese, French, English, Dutch….); articles with comparative perspectives; and analyses that are constructed from the perspective of World History.

Illes i Imperis publishes research papers of qualitative and quantitative material, book reviews, historiographic articles and literature reviews. It also provides information on relevant activities and events that expand our understanding of societies in the colonial and postcolonial world. It serves as an excellent platform to express the scholarly preoccupations of those who concern themselves with said societies.



Section Policies


Publicació d'estudis sobre les societats colonials i postcolonials. Els propòsits de l'equip editor són absolutament oberts. Admetem totes les formes d'aproximació a les societats colonials i les seves realitats posteriors, sempre que reuneixin els imperatius de qualitat propis de les ciències socials de la nostra època. Acceptem i promovem la publicació de treballs d'índole històrica però també aportacions des d'altres àmbits de les ciències socials.

Checked Open Submissions Checked Indexed Checked Peer Reviewed


Checked Open Submissions Checked Indexed Checked Peer Reviewed

Peer Review Process

In order to assess the quality, originality and relevance of the accepted articles, submissions are submitted to a double-blind peer review (providing anonymity for both authors and reviewers). A third reviewer is appealed to if the recommendations of the first reports are contradictory.


Editorial Boards


Josep M.Fradera (GRIMSE/UPF)

Josep M.Delgado (GRIMSE/UPF)


Martín Rodrigo y Alharilla (GRIMSE/UPF)

Claudia Contente (GRIMSE/UPF)


Alexandre Coello de la Rosa (GRIMSE/UPF)

María Dolores Elizalde (CSIC)


Ruth de Llobet (National University of Singapore)

Igor Perez Tostado (Pablo de Olavide)

Gabriel Paquette (John Hopkins)

Juan Inarejos (Universidad de Extremadura)

Maite Ojeda Mata (GRIMSE/UPF)

Joao Vicente Melo (UPF)


Victor Hugo Acuña (Universidad de Costa Rica)

Luis Felipe de Alencastro (Escola de Economia de São Paulo – FGV/Sorbonne)

Luis Alonso Alvarez (Universidade da Coruña)

Gonzalo Alvarez Chillida (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)

Astrid Cubano (Universidad de Puerto Rico)

Raúl Fradkin (Universidad Nacional de Luján/UBA)

Alejandro de la Fuente (Harvard University)

Juan Carlos Garavaglia (UPF-ICREA-EHESS)

Carlos Marichal Salinas (Colegio de México)

Eloy Martín Corrales (UPF)

Carlos Martínez Shaw (UNED)

Juan Pan Montojo (UAM)

Consuelo Naranjo (CSIC)

Rebecca J.Scott (University of Michigan)

Christopher Schmidt-Nowara (Tufts University)

Mauricio Tenorio (Chicago University)

Michael Zeuske (Universität zu Köln)



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