Revistes Catalanes amb Accés Obert (RACO)

2005: Núm.: 11

Núm.: 11


Editorial PDF
Fernando Albuquerque Costa
Criss-crossing Cognitive Flexibility Theory based research in Portugal: an overview PDF
Ana Amélia Carvalho, António Moreira 1-26
ICT Uses in Educational Context: Some Data and Reflections on Portuguese Reality PDF
Jacinta Paiva 27-37
The students’ point of view about quality of educational multimedia software PDF
Abílio Cardoso, Helena Peralta, Fernando Albuquerque Costa 38-59
The use of Internet by students in Portuguese schools PDF
Sofia Viseu 60-66
ICT and in-service teachers’ training: numbers and trends PDF
Conceição Brito, José Duarte, Mário Baía 67-77
Promoting ICT use in Portuguese schools. A case of school-university collaboration PDF
Isabel Chagas, João Sousa, Giselia Piteira, Paula Mano, Rosa Tripa 77-88
In-service training: e-learning as a new and promising approach. PDF
Paulo Dias, Maria João Gomes, Ana Augusta Dias 89-103
A distance in-service teacher education setting focused on mathematics investigations: The role of reflection and collaboration PDF
João Pedro da Ponte, Leonor Santos 104-126
Learning Contexts: a Blueprint for Research PDF
António Dias de Figueiredo 127-139
On-line experiences at the University of Coimbra: contexts and pretexts PDF
Teresa Pessoa 140-152
ICT in pre-service teacher education in Portugal: trends and needs emerging from a survey PDF
João Filipe Matos 153-167
ICT in Teacher Education at the University of Lisbon PDF
Gerd Hammer 168-172
Cognitive Artefacts, Technology and Physics Education PDF
Vitor Duarte Teodoro 173-189
Impact of WLABEL exploitation on electricity learning: analysis of the students’ conceptual evolution PDF
Maria joão Loureiro, Christian Depover 190-203
The Web@classroom project: portables computers and wireless technology in the classroom PDF
Jose Luis Ramos, Jose Luis Carvalho, F. Blasquez, R. Luengo, G. L. Casas, S. Younie, H. Bryn, T. Savage, T. Brendan, I. S. Arnedillo 204-210
Improving Physics learning with virtual environments: an example on the phases of water PDF
Jorge Fonseca e Trindade 212-226
Towards the Integration of Face-to-Face and Distance Teaching in Sport Science by Use of a Learning Platform PDF
Andreas Hebbel-Seeger 227-236