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Prohibido obedecer. Una posible periodización del movimiento estudiantil trentino y su relación con los sectores populares de la ciudad en el trienio de las grandes revueltas (1966-1969)

Antonio Oliva


This article tries to revise some of the particularities of the student movement trentino between the years 1966-1969. There is characterized the situation of the Italian politics in the period of governments of center - left side during the Republic II, centring in the climate of failure that this one implied for the progressive sectors of the Democracia Cirstiana and the Partido Socialista. In the area of the university this failure was the opposition to the Plan Gui on behalf of all the university sectors. In this context towards the second half of the decade of 60 ' in the Trento’s city there begins to be forged a student rebellious movement, of predominantly catholic and critical root and without politicallly active previous experience, which turns it into a movement particularly new inside the circle of student protests into the years 1967-68 and with a successful form of arrival to the popular sectors of the city.

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