Revistes Catalanes amb Accés Obert (RACO)

2003: Vol.: 1 Núm.: 1

Vol.: 1 Núm.: 1


Advances in Cambrian studies: A meeting in the Andes, VI field meeting of the Subcomission on Cambrian Stratigraphy, Argentina 2000 (IUGS-UNESCO) PDF
Guillermo F. Aceñolaza 3
The Subcommission on Cambrian Stratigraphy: the status quo PDF
J. H. Shergold, G. Geyer 5
Review of the Cambrian Stratigraphy of the Argentine Precordillera PDF
Osvaldo Luís Bordonaro 11
The Cambrian System in Northwestern Argentina: stratigraphical and palaeontological framework PDF
Guillermo F. Aceñolaza 23
The Cambrian-Ordovician siliciclastic platform of the Balcarce Formation (Tandilia System, Argentina): Facies, trace fossils, palaeoenvironments and sequence stratigraphy PDF
Daniel Gustavo Poiré, Luis A. Spalletti, A. Del Valle 41
Biostratigraphic significance of the latest Cambrian-earliest Ordovician agnostoid trilobites from Northwestern Argentina PDF
Marcelo Franco Tortello 61
Cambrian sponge spicules and Chancelloriid sclerites from the Argentine Precordillera: A Review PDF
Matilde S. Beresi 73
Biogenic and physical sedimentary structures in latest Cambrian-earliest Ordovician mudrock facies (Famatina Range, Northwestern Argentina) PDF
Susana Esteban 85
El Alisal: a new locality with trace fossils of the Puncoviscana Formation (late Precambrian-early Cambrian) in Salta Province. Argentina PDF
Guillermo F. Aceñolaza, Marcelo Franco Tortello 95
The Cambrian of the Iberian Peninsula: An overview PDF
Rodolfo Gozalo Gutiérrez, Eladio Liñán, Teodoro Palacios Medrano, José Antonio Gámez Vintaned, Eduardo Mayoral Alfaro 103
The demosponge Leptomitus cf. L. lineatus, first occurence from the Middle Cambrian of Spain (Murero Formation, Western Iberian Chain) PDF
Diego García-Bellido Capdevila 113
A new occurence of the genus Tonkinella in northern Spain and the Middle Cambrian intercontinental correlation PDF
Rodolfo Gozalo Gutiérrez, Eduardo Mayoral Alfaro, José Antonio Gámez Vintaned, María Eugenia Dies Álvarez, Fernando Muñiz Guinea 121
Trilobites and intercontinental tie points in the Upper Cambrian of Scandinavia PDF
Per Ahlberg, 127
Chronostratigraphic Subdivision of the Cambrian of China PDF
Shanchi Peng 135