Revistes Catalanes amb Accés Obert (RACO)

2010: Vol.: 8 Núm.: 4

Vol.: 8 Núm.: 4


The Late Palaeozoic of Western Gondwana: New insights from South American records (p. 341-347)
Luis A. Spalletti, Carlos Óscar Limarino, Silvana Evangelina Geuna
Did Patagonia collide with Gondwana in the Late Paleozoic? Some insights from a multidisciplinary study of magmatic units of the North Patagonian Massif (p. 349-371)
Augusto Ernesto Rapalini, Mónica Graciela López de Luchi, Carmen Martínez Dopico, Federico Gustavo Lince Klinger, Mario Ernesto Giménez, Patricia Martínez
Paleomagnetism of the Carboniferous-Permian Patquía Formation, Paganzo basin, Argentina: implications for the apparent polar wander path for South America and Gondwana during the Late Palaeozoic (p. 373-397)
Silvana Evangelina Geuna, L.D. Escosteguy, Carlos Óscar Limarino
Glacial events in Carboniferous sequences from Paganzo and Río Blanco Basins (Northwest Argentina): Palynology and depositional setting (p. 399-418)
Valeria Susana Pérez Loinaze, Carlos Óscar Limarino, Silvia Nelida Césari
A synthesis of palynological data from the Lower Permian Cerro Pelado Formation (Paraná Basin, Uruguay): A record of warmer climate stages during Gondwana glaciations (p. 419-429)
Ángeles Beri, Ximena Martínez Blanco, Dominique Mourelle
Internal anatomy of an erg sequence from the aeolian-fluvial system of the De La Cuesta Formation (Paganzo Basin, northwestern Argentina) (p. 431-447)
Luis A. Spalletti, Carlos Óscar Limarino, Ferran Colombo
Fluvial and eolian ichnofaunas from the Lower Permian of South America (Patquía Formation, Paganzo Basin) (p. 449-462)
Verónica Krapovickas, Adriana Cecilia Mancuso, Andrea Beatriz Arcucci, Alberto Tomás Caselli
Changes in the architecture of fluvial deposits in the Paganzo Basin (Upper Paleozoic of San Juan province): an example of sea level and climatic controls on the development of coastal fluvial environments (p. 463-482)
Ana Maria Tedesco, Patricia Lucía Ciccioli, Julieta Suriano, Carlos Óscar Limarino
Palynology of the Permian San Miguel Formation (Western Paraná Basin, Paraguay): Gondwanan biostratigraphic correlations (p. 483-493)
Valeria Susana Pérez Loinaze, Silvia Nelida Césari, óscar López Gamundí, Luis Buatois
Bivalves and brachiopods in the Carboniferous - Early Permian of Argentine Precordillera: Diversification and faunal turnover in Southwestern Gondwana (p. 501-517)
Andrea Fabiana Sterren, Gabriela Adriana Cisterna
The coupled occurrence of Cimmeriella-Jakutoproductus (Brachiopoda: Productidina) in Patagonia: implications for Early Permian high to middle paleolatitudinal correlations and paleoclimatic reconstruction (p. 513-534)
Arturo César Taboada, María Alejandra Pagani