Revistes Catalanes amb Accés Obert (RACO)

2010: Vol.: 8 Núm.: 4

Vol.: 8 Núm.: 4


The Late Palaeozoic of Western Gondwana: New insights from South American records PDF
Luis A. Spalletti, Carlos Óscar Limarino, Silvana Evangelina Geuna 341-347
Did Patagonia collide with Gondwana in the Late Paleozoic? Some insights from a multidisciplinary study of magmatic units of the North Patagonian Massif PDF
Augusto Ernesto Rapalini, Mónica Graciela López de Luchi, Carmen Martínez Dopico, Federico Gustavo Lince Klinger, Mario Ernesto Giménez, Patricia Martínez 349-371
Paleomagnetism of the Carboniferous-Permian Patquía Formation, Paganzo basin, Argentina: implications for the apparent polar wander path for South America and Gondwana during the Late Palaeozoic PDF
Silvana Evangelina Geuna, L.D. Escosteguy, Carlos Óscar Limarino 373-397
Glacial events in Carboniferous sequences from Paganzo and Río Blanco Basins (Northwest Argentina): Palynology and depositional setting PDF
Valeria Susana Pérez Loinaze, Carlos Óscar Limarino, Silvia Nelida Césari 399-418
A synthesis of palynological data from the Lower Permian Cerro Pelado Formation (Paraná Basin, Uruguay): A record of warmer climate stages during Gondwana glaciations PDF
Ángeles Beri, Ximena Martínez Blanco, Dominique Mourelle 419-429
Internal anatomy of an erg sequence from the aeolian-fluvial system of the De La Cuesta Formation (Paganzo Basin, northwestern Argentina) PDF
Luis A. Spalletti, Carlos Óscar Limarino, Ferran Colombo 431-447
Fluvial and eolian ichnofaunas from the Lower Permian of South America (Patquía Formation, Paganzo Basin) PDF
Verónica Krapovickas, Adriana Cecilia Mancuso, Andrea Beatriz Arcucci, Alberto Tomás Caselli 449-462
Changes in the architecture of fluvial deposits in the Paganzo Basin (Upper Paleozoic of San Juan province): an example of sea level and climatic controls on the development of coastal fluvial environments PDF
Ana Maria Tedesco, Patricia Lucía Ciccioli, Julieta Suriano, Carlos Óscar Limarino 463-482
Palynology of the Permian San Miguel Formation (Western Paraná Basin, Paraguay): Gondwanan biostratigraphic correlations PDF
Valeria Susana Pérez Loinaze, Silvia Nelida Césari, óscar López Gamundí, Luis Buatois 483-493
Bivalves and brachiopods in the Carboniferous - Early Permian of Argentine Precordillera: Diversification and faunal turnover in Southwestern Gondwana PDF
Andrea Fabiana Sterren, Gabriela Adriana Cisterna 501-517
The coupled occurrence of Cimmeriella-Jakutoproductus (Brachiopoda: Productidina) in Patagonia: implications for Early Permian high to middle paleolatitudinal correlations and paleoclimatic reconstruction PDF
Arturo César Taboada, María Alejandra Pagani 513-534