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A 3D geological model of Campo de Cartagena, SE Spain: Hydrogeological implications

J. Jiménez Martínez, Lucila Candela, J.L. García Aróstegui, R. Aragón


Knowledge and understanding of geologic basins for hydrogeologic purposes requires an accurate 3D geological architecture representation. For model building, surface and subsurface data integration with the interpretation of geophysical survey and lithologic logs is needed. A methodology to reconstruct the geometric architecture of the sedimentary basin and relationships among stratigraphic formations, as well as to define hydrostratigraphic units, has been applied to the Campo de Cartagena Neogene formations. Data analysis included seismic reflection profiles and gravimetric data from oil exploration, electric resistivity surveys and 491 lithologic logs. The 3D model obtained from a close integration of stratigraphic and geophysical data was generated through a computerbased tool. It presents a common framework and a good starting point for hydrogeologic applications.

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