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The Aesthetic Experience of the Combat athletes in Taekwondo

Rebeca Cardozo Coelho, Lev Kreft, Teresa Lacerda



The research on the aesthetic experience may be focused both on the athlete's perspective and on the observer’s. Although some studies have already emphasized the importance of sportsman’s aesthetic experience, it is exactly in this domain that large gaps in the literature can be perceived. The aim of this study is to understand the aesthetic experience lived by Taekwondo Portuguese National Team athletes, in the combat practice. The research of qualitative nature, with a phenomenological approach, has an exploratory and a descriptive character. The speech of fourteen athletes was collected in semi-structured interviews, and the information was treated from a mapping of the athletes’ speech contents. It was concluded that the combat athlete, in search of the beautiful and accurate technical-tactical execution, in the face of the most diverse opponents, with an aggressive and an assertive attitude, and at sometimes surpassing risky situations and showing his/her inner energy through kihap (yell), is able to overcome, to win and to live an aesthetic experience.

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