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Problèmes philologiques d'une ?uvre occitane du XXe siècle: le traitement éditorial post mortem auctoris des textes de Jean Boudou

Jean-Pierre Chambon


Firstly, various inquiries have shown that post mortem editions of the works and correspondence
of Jean Boudou (1920-1975), a major author of Occitan literature, harbour
numerous undeclared changes which it is difficult to find justification for. Far from merely
affecting the spelling, these modifications have been applied, more importantly, to
lexical items and proper nouns, morphology and syntax, supra-phrasal organization and,
on a colossal scale, to the punctuation. We postulate then that the marked posthumous
variation in the writings of Boudou is largely the result of unilateral, clandestine, deliberately
anonymous editorial intervention, and it is our aim to reveal its nature (in the first
place, its puristic stance). Finally, we suggest that this intervention, which sets up a barrier
between textual reality and the analyst, is an epistemological obstacle which must be
surmounted by restoring the rights of philology in the face of the pretensions of rewriting.

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