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Áreas lexicais galegas e portuguesasa: um novo olhar para a proposta de cintra

Xosé Afonso Álvarez, João Saramago


In 1962, Luis F. Lindley Cintra published a commendable article on lexical areas within
peninsular Portuguese territory, starting from the names for eight concepts (milking,
cows udder, whey, sterile female animal, lamb, kid, bobbin and chin / jaw) at 77 points
on the Atlas Lingüístico de la Península Ibérica (ALPI) where he presented questionnaires
in 1953 and 1954. This work was complemented for Galicia by Dubert and Sousa
(2002) with unpublished materials from the Atlas Lingüístico Galego (ALGa), and for
the Azores by Saramago e Bettencourt (2004) with responses from the Atlas Linguístico-
Etnográfico dos Açores (ALEAç). The purpose of our contribution is to contrast Cintras
data with those collected by Paiva Boléo for ILB, and with the more recent materials
obtained from work carried out on the Atlas Linguístico-Etnográfico de Portugal e da
Galiza (ALEPG). This comparison makes it possible to examine the development of
Cintras project and assesses its present-day validity.

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