Revistes Catalanes amb Accés Obert (RACO)

1987: Núm.: 13

Núm.: 13


Características espeleológicas del Karst de Mallorca PDF
Àngel Ginés, Joaquín Ginés 3-20
Apunts sobre els avencs del Puig Major (Escorca, Mallorca) PDF
Miquel Trias 21-26
Observaciones sobre la concentración de dióxido de carbono en la atmósfera de la Cova de les Rodes (Pollença, Mallorca) PDF
Àngel Ginés, Justo Hernández, Joaquín Ginés, Andreu Pol 27-38
The status of Bogidiella Balearica Dancau, 1973, a stygobiont amphipod from Mallorca PDF
Jan H. Stock, Thomas M. Lliffe 39-46
Traces of effects of acid rain (Sedimentation) in the re-dissolution of cave dripstones PDF
László Jakucs 49-58
Soli ersosion from hilltribe opium swiddens in the golden triangle, and the use os karren as an erosion yardstick PDF
Kevin kiernan 59-64
Adaptation of the karst land for the agrarian use in the Mediterranean. Problems of research and of conservation (a survey) PDF
Ivan Gams 65-70
Human impact on limestone favement PDF
H. S. Goldie 71-82
Use and reglation of karst poljes in Yugoslavia PDF
Peter Habic 83-86
Tendences to change in the compositions of the karstic soil and the vegetation in tje dolines in the hungarian bükk mountain PDF
Ilona Bárány kevei 87-92
Karst in southern Africa PDF
Margaret E. Marker, Frances M. Gamble 93-98
Preliminary study of karst collapse. Forecast method PDF
Tan Jianyi, Chen Jian 99-104
Timber harvesting on karst lands: some oprational considerations and procedural requirements PDF
kevin kiernan 105-110
On the characteristics of yugoslavian rivers in comparison with japanese rivers PDF
Kazuo Mitsui 111-118
Some planning requirements prior to forest industry development of carbonate blandscapes PDF
Kevin Kiernan 119-126
The problems of soils in limestone area otthe nansei shoto, southwest japan PDF
Kazuko Urushibara Yoshino 127-131