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2005: Vol.: 5 Núm.: 3 Special Issue on Art. Motion,Deformable Obj.

Vol.: 5 Núm.: 3 Special Issue on Art. Motion,Deformable Obj.

Regular Issue

Improvement of Modal Matching Image Objects in Dynamic Pedobarography using Optimization Techniques Text complet
Joao Manuel R.S. Tavares, Luisa Ferreira Bastos 1-20
Complex articulated object tracking Text complet
Andrew Comport, Éric Marchand, Francois Chaumette 21-31
Area and Volume Restoration in Elastically Deformable Solids Text complet
Micky Kelager, Anders Fleron, Kenny Erleben 32-43
Simultaneous and Causal Appearance Learning and Tracking Text complet
J. Melenchón, I. Iriondo, L. Meler 44-54
Prior Knowledge Based Motion Model Representation Text complet
Angel D. Sappa, Niki Aifanti, Sotiris Malassiotis, Michael G. Strintzis 55-67
Combining Particle Filter and Population-based Metaheuristics for Visual Articulated Motion Tracking Text complet
Juan José Pantrigo, Ángel Sánchez, Kostas Gianikellis, Antonio S. Montemayor 68-83
Ear Biometrics Based on Geometrical Feature Extraction Text complet
Micha Chora 84-95
Hand Tracking and Gesture Recognition for Human-Computer Interaction Text complet
Cristina Manresa, Javier Varona, Ramón Mas, Francisco J. Perales 96-104
A Comparison Framework for Walking Performances using aSpaces Text complet
Jordi Gonzàlez, Javier Varona, F. Xavier Roca, J. J. Villanueva 105-116
Algebraic Topology-Based Image Deformation: A Unified Model Text complet
Layachi Bentabet, Djemel Ziou 117-132
Detecting human heads with their orientations Text complet
Akihiro Sugimoto, Mitsuhiro Kimura, Takashi Matsuyama 133-147
Trajectory Analysis for Sport and Video Surveillance Text complet
Y. L. de Meneses, P. Roduit, F. Luisier, J. Jacot 148-156
Bayesian Network Enhanced Prediction for Multiple Facial Feature Tracking Text complet
Li Huang, Congyong Su 157-169