Revistes Catalanes amb Accés Obert (RACO)

2005: Vol.: 5 Núm.: 2 Special Issue on Document Analysis

Vol.: 5 Núm.: 2 Special Issue on Document Analysis

Regular Issue

Combining Model-based and Discriminative Approaches in a Modular Two-stage Classification System: Application to Isolated Handwritten Digit Recognition Text complet
Jonathan Milgram, Robert Sabourin, Mohamed Cheriet 1-15
Contextual System of Symbol Structural Recognition based on an Object-Process Methodology Text complet
Mathieu Delalandre, Eric Trupin, Jean-Marc Ogier, Jacques Labiche 16-29
Learning Model Structure from Data: An Application to On-Line Handwriting Text complet
Henri Binsztok, Thierry Artières 30-46
Frequent Graph Discovery: Application to Line Drawing Document Images Text complet
Eugen Barbu, Pierre Heroux, Sebastien Adam, Eric Trupin 47-57
A K Nearest Classifier design Text complet
Y. Prudent, A. Ennaji 58-71
Handwritten Document Analysis for Automatic Writer Recognition Text complet
Ameur Bensefia, Thierry Paquet, Laurent Heutte 72-86
Self-supervised adaptation for on-line script text recognition Text complet
Loïc Oudot, Lionel Prevost, Maurice Milgram 87-97
Multiorder polygonal approximation of digital curves Text complet
Isabelle Debled-Rennesson, Salvatore Tabbone, Laurent Wendling 98-110