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A block-based background model for moving object detection

Omar Elharrouss, Abdelghafour Abbad, Driss Moujahid, Jamal Riffi, Hamid Tairi


Detecting the moving objects in a video sequence using a stationary camera is an important task for many computer vision applications. This paper proposes a background subtraction approach. As first step, the background is initialized using the block-based analysis before being updated in each incoming frame. Our background frame is generated by collecting the blocks background candidates. The block candidate selection is based on probability density function (pdf) computation. After that, the absolute difference between the background frame and each frame of sequence is computed. A noise filter is applied using the Structure/Texture decomposition in order to minimize the noise caused by background subtraction operation. The binary motion mask is formed using an adaptive threshold that was deduced from the weighted mean and variance calculation. To assure the correspondence between the current frame and the background frame, an adaptation of background model in each incoming frame is realized. After comparing results obtained from the proposed method to other existing ones, it was shown that our approach attains a higher degree of efficacy

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