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Novel CBIR System Based on Ripplet Transform Using Interactive Neuro-Fuzzy Technique

Manish Chowdhury, Sudeb Das, Malay Kumar Kundu


Content Based Image Retrieval (CBIR) system is an emerging research area in effective digital data management and retrieval paradigm. In this article, a novel CBIR system based on a new Multiscale Geometric Analysis (MGA)-tool, called Ripplet Transform Type-I (RT) is presented. To improve the retrieval result and to reduce the computational complexity, the proposed scheme utilizes a Neural Network (NN) based classifier for image pre-classification, similarity matching using Manhattan distance measure and relevance feedback mechanism (RFM) using fuzzy entropy based feature evaluation technique. Extensive experiments were carried out to evaluate the effectiveness of the proposed technique. The performance of the proposed CBIR system is evaluated using a 2 £ 5-fold cross validation followed by a statistical analysis. The experimental results suggest that the proposed system based on RT, performs better than many existing CBIR schemes based on other transforms, and the difference is statistically significant.

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