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Corpus based prosodic variation in Basque: Y/N questions marked with the particle al

Gotzon Aurrekoetxea, Iñaki Gaminde, Aitor Iglesias


This paper describes the intonational variation between two generations in three different localities of the Basque Country, using data recorded and organized in the EDAK corpus (Dialectal Oral Corpus of the Basque Language) and analysing the usage of just one type of sentence, namely y/n questions. In the selected localities, there are two morphological ways of constructing this type of sentence: using the morphological marker al before the verb (or between the verb and the auxiliary) or not using it. First, we identify the phonological patterns that exist in these localities. Then, we analyse intergenerational variation, according to the five different phonological patterns found. Finally, we study the geo-prosodic variation which exists between older and younger people from these localities.

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