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Emilia Pardo Bazán, una escritora adelantada a su época

Ana María Freire


Emilia Pardo Bazán is by herself an outstanding figure among Spanish and foreign XIX Century writers. On the second half of the century those writers mastered and developed the novel to such a degree that the XIX Century was named the century of the novel. Being a woman was not an obstacle for Mrs. Pardo Bazán, not an impediment to a brilliant literary creation. She was able to make compatible writing novels with a vast journalistic and epistolary work and an intense social life as well as travels and stays abroad. Even more, she was also very interested in domestic chores. She liked cooking and her recipes and ideas were captured in her printing production. Born with an open and curious mind about everything that surrounded her, she also came to defend the status of women in a very convincing but elegant way. This led her to held positions and to lecture from platforms never stepped before by a woman. Emilia Pardo Bazán was the first woman to be nominated as University Professor in Spain, although she never fulfilled her desire to occupy a chair at the Royal Spanish Academy.

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